***IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT*** The new enrollment period begins on 07/01/2022
AMM - The Fiscal Intermediary for OCHCA

Provider Billing Information

CHS Program

Instructions for Billing Paper Claims
Please mail HCFA 1500 form to:
Correctional Health Services
P.O. Box 13019
Long Beach, CA 90853

Information about Electronic Claims Billing
Contact AMM or Office Ally to begin sending your claims electronically

Advanced Medical Management (AMM) Direct Professional and Institutional Claims
  • AMM can accept your claims electronically via an Internet connection
  • Submit claims electronically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Various claim formats supported
  • HIPAA transactions 837/835 and Real-Time claim status
  • for more information contact AMM at (562) 766-2000

Office Ally Clearinghouse (Professional Claims)

  • Office Ally offers electronic routing of claims.  all electronic claims are FREE to the physician
  • Submit claims electronically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Office Ally accepts electronic claim formats from all claim-processing software packages
  • For more information contact the enrollment department at (949) 464-9129
  • Use Payer ID# AMM03 (Specify CHS or Correctional Health Services as insurance plan or program name)
Claim Status
Verify claim status via Internet connection.  Contact AMM at (562) 766-2000 to get a user account or visit the current site at https://claims.amm.cc to register online.